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Change in the status of appellations of origin and geographical indication of the Douro Region (RDD)

The Decree-Law No. 97/2020, published today, changed the status of the appellations of origin and geographical indication of the Douro Demarcated Region (RDD).

Until the publication of this diploma, it was forbidden to bulk Port and Douro wine to the outside of the RDD, and it was forbidden to leave these products when they had not previously been bottled inside these geographical areas.

However, after the Decree-Law no. 97/2020 entering into force, in the case of the DO «Douro», and fulfilled the guarantees of defence, certification, control, protection and prestige of the DO, IVDP, IP can authorize the bottling outside the geographical areas referred to in the preceding paragraph, provided that the entities in question as of November 26, 2003 already bottled outside those areas, being subject to a special control regime under the terms to be defined by IVDP, IP.


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